Developing the leading decentralized NFT ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain

We are here to upgrade the NFT space with innovation!

Why ?!

We LOVE NFTs and we want artists to be rewarded fairly for their hard work. However, we also understand the need to create a self-sustaining, self-incentivizing and ever-growing ecosystem. That is why we have created and $GOAT .

image NFT marketplace will be available with numerous features :

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Buy and Sell NFTS

The core feature of Gotcha is buying and selling NFTs. Atomic NFT swaps will also be made available to users in the future.

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Create your own collection

Mint your original NFTs and create your own collection at minimal cost. Have a look at the current collections on Gotcha to see how others did it.

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Set your own price

You can set a fixed price for your NFTs, and while others can submit lower bids, you can choose whether to accept or not.

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Low fees (2.5%)

Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible. Mint and trade NFTs with low fees of up to 2.5%.

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Support for many file formats

Gotcha supports various image files formats, as well as audio and video files.

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Low transaction fees on BSC

BinanceSmartChain provides us and our users a very price-friendly ecosystem to mint, buy and sell NFTs and $GOAT.

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Using IPFS

Decentralization is important to Gotcha in many ways including file storage. In order to ensure the security of our user's files, we use IPFS which helps your NFTs remain tamper-proof, untouched and uncensored.

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Multiple Token Support

Gotcha supports the following tokens:

Road Map

What is $GOAT?

Goatcoin($GOAT) is Gotcha’s governance token, which can be used for staking, payments, voting and many more ...

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